Up your Networking Game with these Strategies

There are many places to network: social media,corporate events,or shared office space in Singapore. But are you doing things right? Is your networking technique enough?

It is time to give your networking skills a boost. Here are tips and tricks on how to expand your network successfully:

Join an organization

No matter what industry you are in,there are likely some organizations that you can join. These organizations are composed of professionals with solid background in the industry and vast connections. Being a member of these organizations takes you closer to these people,aside from enhancing your skills and knowledge on your profession.

Request for referrals

Your current network can help you further expand your professional connections. Ask them for referrals,particularly to people whom they think would be great addition to your network. Never underestimate the power of “friend of a friend” connections as they can lead to fruitful professional relationships.


Volunteerism has a lot of benefits and one of them is the chance to meet new people. Volunteer groups are a good place to connect with individuals with the same passion,interest,and skill as yours. Aside from being part of something that helps the society,volunteering also makes it possible to network successfully.

Reconnect with people

Your former colleagues,schoolmates,and clients can also become a good member of your network or might know someone who would. Get in touch with them,ask for referrals,and promote your professional services. As they already know you to some extent,it is easier to build connections with them.

There are many other ways to increase your connections. You just have to be patient and devote time to talk to people. Endeavor to build a positive image so you can earn their trust and respect. Networking is a smart way to grow as a professional so take the time to build,nurture,and grow your network.

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